Assignment Competition: 2021/2022

Steve Lawrence49420021
David Thwaite21102102
Stefan Rychlowski20013010
Warren Smith18111000
Clair Rosling8010010
Lucie Golding7010001
Trevor Willis6000200
Alan McGee3000100
Martin Bone3000100
Stephen Hayto3000100
David Ellis3000011
Michael Golding3000011
Richard Gudge0000000
Mike Curtis0000000
Andy Chard0000000
Paul Wigley0000000

Assignment 21/22: Best of Summer Visits

Steve Lawrencelook at bee50430101
Lucie Goldingall by myself43312110
David Thwaitethe birds40023404
Trevor Willisbridge over river kew39311021
Steve Lawrencedamsel in detrees38310121
Lucie Goldinga storm is brewing38051101
Alan McGeenot another macro29210120
Mike Curtiscountry walk25111112
Stephen Haytonightfall richmond lock22003301
David Thwaitethe bridge21103001
Martin Bonebalancing act18020200
Stefan Rychlowskirichmond18003200
Michael Goldingwho you gonna call8000040
Martin Bonetree top snack5000021
Richard Gudgebushy park sunset4000012
Michael Goldingnot tonight i have a3000011
Alan McGeeIQ2000010
Richard Gudgea word in your shell like1000001
Stefan Rychlowskihurst park0000000
Stephen Haytobushy park deer0000000
Mike Curtisup in smoke0000000

Best of Summer Visits, Round 1 of Laleham Camera Club's Assignment Competition for 2021/22. Pictures had to be taken official club visits.

Assignment 21/22: Water

David ThwaiteSmall Water78722002
Clair RoslingFarewell Summer56143230
David Thwaitewaterfall @virginia water55331211
Stephen HaytoTribute to Lowery32220012
Clair RoslingCow Pond22102200
Michael GoldingMaking a Splash22021111
Richard GudgeWater Movement22021111
Richard GudgeDrain Grid18100123
Paul WigleyCobweb17011112
Trevor WillisSelsey Rocks17002122
Paul WigleyWeir16001230
Trevor WillisTower Bridge14110000
Martin Bonejust a trickle14101010
Steve LawrenceCastle in the lake9000203
Steve Lawrencebubbling Brook5000110
Michael GoldingTurn the tap off4001000
Stephen HaytoVirginia Water4001000
Martin Bonepitter patter3000100

Water, Round 2 of Laleham Camera Club's Assignment Competition for 2021/22.

Assignment 21/22: Abstract

Warren SmithDrop by Drop79543100
Stefan RychlowskiGlass Bowl42230202
Stefan RychlowskiBits n Bobs32202210
David ThwaiteGuess What29211011
Michael GoldingAm I seeing straight25121001
Steve LawrenceNatures Fireworks24201101
David ThwaiteStump24101400
Martin BoneKaliedoscope21021110
Lucie GoldingEye am watching you19012021
Stephen HaytoDouble Vision17011120
Michael GoldingCould be Coral12001210
Alan McGeeSplash11010013
Alan McGeeCraters7000112
Stephen HaytoCrossing the Acheron6001002
Steve LawrenceCant see the trees for the wood6000030
Lucie GoldingLightbulb6000022
Martin BoneSpirelli0000000

Abstract, Round 3 of Laleham Camera Club's Assignment Competition for 2021/22.

Assignment 21/22:Wildlife

Steve LawrenceBlue Tit55340201
Steve LawrenceWho says Deer can't fly46221410
Stefan RychlowskiMy Fox41213120
Alan McGeeAnt & Dec38310040
Stefan RychlowskiWood pidgeon28103121
David ThwaiteWho's a pretty boy27112021
David ThwaiteWinter coat16101101
Lucie GoldingTesting the water15011102
Lucie GoldingLookout duty15010203
Michael GoldingOoooh it's cold14020010
Martin BoneWalking on Water11002100
Martin BoneWing span3000011
Alan McGeeHorse Whisperer2000002
Michael GoldingTable for one1000001

january 2022 Wildlife

Assignment 21/22 Architecture

Steve LawrenceSalisbury78722010
Steve LawrenceQueens Park Bridge46122333
Stefan RychlowskiLeadenhall Market41042211
Martin BoneRoom with a view34300301
David EllisBoy29103122
David EllisV & A28021311
David ThwaiteMercedes Building27111122
Clair RoslingPolo on the Edge20101121
Trevor WillisSky High19101112
Clair RoslingBridgerton Bridge19020120
David ThwaiteTech Drawing18111000
Stefan RychlowskiJubilee Walk11011001
Martin BoneBig Boys Meccano7010001
Trevor WillisGerkin7001011
Trevor LewisGerkin0000000
Martin BoneRoom with a view0000000
Lucie GoldingPsychedelic0000000
Lucie GoldingSinging in the Trees0000000
Trevor LewisSky High0000000
Trevor WillisSky High0000000
Martin BoneRoom with a view0000000

Assignment 21/22 Reflections

Steve LawrenceSplash66432210
Warren SmithMoodyMirror58341111
Warren SmithPlacid Lake51412110
Trevor WillisDouble Lock33121203
Steve LawrenceFluffy Tail31211110
David ThwaiteThe Font29021312
Stefan RychlowskiView from Alber Bridge22102030
Richard GudgeSunlit Reflection19012021
Stefan RychlowskiReflection of the Shard15011110
Andy ChardConiston Sunset11001120
Trevor WillisMagic8001101
David ThwaiteMirror never lies8000121
Andy ChardFlooded Jetty5000102
Richard GudgeKew Reflection2000002
Michael GoldingIts all upside down1000001
Lucie GoldingView through the Crystal Ball1000001
Lucie GoldingSquiggle0000000
Michael GoldingUganda0000000

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