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Other Competitions: 2018/2019

Camera Phone Challenge

Alan McGeeLong Way From Home67261310
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenUpside Down66423220
Stephen LawrenceRooftops58422111
Andy RingshawNorth Dock34131101
Soydaner UlkerWelcome to Nowhere32113103
Andy RingshawFrozen30201220
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenTornado19101112
Alan McGeeElectric13100021
Julia MustardOld City, Young Vibe12010200
David ThwaiteRose11002011
Martin BoneSanta for Sale10011000
Soydaner UlkerSinking of Time9000122
David ThwaiteKookaburra8000121
Stephen LawrenceSt Pauls6001002
Martin BoneButterfly Window4000101
Stefan RychlowskiKempton Fireworks and Funfair3000011
Stefan RychlowskiPink Flower2000010
Monica ChardI'll See What I Can Do0000000
Monica ChardWhat's All This About0000000
Julia MustardShepperton0000000

Camera Phone Challenge

Monochrome 18/19

Stefan RychlowskiTower Bridge96652220
Stephen LawrenceOwl69513221
David ThwaiteThe Good Old Days41131302
Andy RingshawChurch Lake39033130
David ThwaiteFilm Star38033113
Stephen LawrenceContemplating36301210
Andy RingshawNeglected Garden25201102
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenThe Broad Street24021121
Stefan RychlowskiUnder Siege23103011
Trevor LewisHelen window21110112
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenSkyscrapers21100223
Julia MustardConfirmation14001220
Clair RoslingBee Hive Entrance13011100
Julia MustardGrandeur10010101
Martin BoneTree Avenue6000022
Trevor LewisHelen Doorway3000011
Clair RoslingWashed Up1000001
Martin BoneFeathered Friends0000000
Alan McGeeCreepy0000000
Alan McGeeUgly0000000
Soydaner UlkerUp0000000
Soydaner UlkerA Day0000000

Laleham Camera Club's Monochrome Competition for 2018/19

Projected Image 18/19

Stefan RychlowskiFairground Ride71341512
Clair RoslingChertsey Sunrise61342110
Stephen LawrenceCrazy Horse53412112
Stephen LawrenceBattle of Britain43123310
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenBig Bang32212010
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenPlasma Globe32201230
Trevor LewisDew Drops28013212
David ThwaiteFody23200112
Clair RoslingBobbing In The Blue23021120
David ThwaiteCheap Studio Lights!20100133
Andy RingshawMevagissey19111001
Trevor LewisFire Lily14100111
Soydaner UlkerTwo Pots14012000
Martin BoneCourt Illuminations13020001
Julia MustardTube13010104
Stefan RychlowskiNot Mush Room In Her6001010
Martin BoneSpring Time6000022
Andy RingshawUp In The Clouds4001000
Julia MustardA Train3000100
Soydaner UlkerBlue Dream2000010
Alan McGeeLast Minute Entry0000000
Alan McGeeVery Last Minute Entry0000000

Laleham Camera Club's Projected Image Competition for 2018/19

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