Richard Brown Challenge Trophy: 2021/2022

Steve Lawrence34042010
David Thwaite25200211
Alan McGee18101111
Richard Gudge17020110
Warren Smith12101000
Stefan Rychlowski12100012
Lucie Golding8100000
Clair Rosling4001000
Paul Chisholm4001000
Philip Bullock3000100
Trevor Willis3000100
Martin Bone2000010
Mike Curtis1000001
Michael Golding1000001
Marcus Reynolds0000000
Andy Chard0000000
Stephen Hayto0000000

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 21/22: Round 1

Lucie Goldingfeeding time46501010
Steve Lawrenceconcentration43142011
Alan McGeeclose up but not a macro36210321
Trevor Willisface at kew36131111
Richard Gudgewakehurst autumn31130102
Mike Curtisabbey28210111
Andy Chardsquirrel27112110
Andy Chardalan vs steve27102302
Lucie Goldingjiminy cricket22102200
Steve Lawrencefeeding time in the forest18101022
Alan McGeeyet another macro17101110
Stephen Haytopenton hook resident10011000
Mike Curtisfull steam ahead10011000
Marcus Reynoldswhoops8000113
Michael Goldinglalehams bright sparks7001011
Marcus Reynoldsthieving grey swuirrels7001011
Trevor Willispink flower6010000
David Thwaitein formation6010000
Stefan Rychlowskitornado6001010
Martin Bonedouble vision5000110
Stephen Haytospeed5000110
David Thwaitee harmony4000101
Stefan Rychlowskijousting2000010
Richard Gudgelady of the stream1000001
Michael Goldingno4 your time is up0000000
Martin Bonejust landed0000000

Round 1 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2021/22

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 21/22: Round 2

David ThwaiteSoft Light42223010
Steve Lawrenceopen your eyes - theres a whole world to see34032121
Clair Roslingrainbow huts33301110
Philip BullockMoon32122101
Stefan RychlowskiRook30211101
Michael GoldingDinner for two29121110
Richard GudgeSquirrel27103031
David ThwaiteFollow Me26121002
Richard GudgeWater Lily21100312
Stephen HaytoMartian19200011
Stefan RychlowskiColnbrook at night19100213
Trevor WillisAutumn Foliage18030000
Martin BoneStory Time17110100
Steve LawrenceLadybird Diarama17011031
Martin BoneNectarphobe14100111
Trevor WillisO Deer14001212
Clair RoslingAll'right10001200
Philip BullockChloe3000100
Michael GoldingDo You come here often3000011

Round 2 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2021/22

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 21/22: Round 3

David ThwaiteIn Flood61423021
Richard GudgeWoodland Fungus33211112
Steve LawrenceScotney Castle33210213
Alan McGeeEyes of Chloe31130102
David ThwaiteTawny Owl29112120
Alan McGeeBills in the Red27111211
Steve LawrenceBlack Duck of the family25112011
Stefan RychlowskiSmoke Trails20111010
Lucie GoldingSingin in the trees20012111
Stefan RychlowskiAutumn Leaves17102001
Stephen HaytoCoxes Mill17020110
Warren SmithCycle of Life13100110
Stephen HaytoBusker and his dog10011000
Martin BoneStarburst9000130
Michael GoldingHave I missed a bit4000101
Lucie GoldingPeek a boo4000101
Richard GudgeLilly Buds3000100
Michael GoldingOut for Lunch3000100
Martin BoneLonesome Lilly1000001

Round 3 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2021/22

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 21/22: Round 4

Alan McGeeSmooth50330210
Steve LawrenceWho stuck the xmas tree on my head44231111
Paul ChisholmExplosion39311110
David ThwaiteSober Pirate29211100
Alan McGeeWhats the point25023001
Stefan RychlowskiKew 202223013021
Richard GudgeMisty morning hop18102010
Steve LawrenceBodiam18101111
Paul ChisholmRoots13101001
Martin BoneDeep in Thought12010111
Lucie GoldingArrrgh Shiver me timbers11010110
Martin BoneRevving to go10000301
Michael GoldingWheres the Roasties9000211
David ThwaiteFire and Water3000011
Stefan RychlowskiGlitter3000011
Lucie GoldingFancy dress at No103000003
Michael GoldingAll of a lather2000010
Richard GudgeI got Lens Envy0000000

round 4 january 2022

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 21/22 Round 5

Stefan RychlowskiBalloon52412111
Steve LawrenceWoody45312112
Steve LawrenceMale Thrush45311140
David ThwaiteAdjustment36212111
Martin BoneMoody Sunset33211201
Stefan RychlowskiSt Pauls30031202
Trevor Willis1 Hump or 229040110
Lucie GoldingSinging in the trees29031120
David ThwaiteLight Trails26200131
Trevor WillisLight Fantastic20012103
Lucie GoldingPsychedelic20004101
Martin BoneThe Chase7000112
Richard GudgeKew Orchid6000111
Clair RoslingSnoozy Swan6000111
Richard GudgeGently Bently0000000
Clair RoslingLight Wars0000000

Richar Brown Challenge Trophy Round Six

Warren SmithOld Orange60520210
Richard GudgeSunlit Sillouette53241211
Warren SmithRed Punk42303200
Richard GudgeMoon Set36122121
Steve LawrenceFlight of the Heron29202021
David ThwaiteSay a Little Prayer21013100
Lucie GoldingThe Lorax19021011
Michael GoldingI Need a Pint16010301
Trevor WillisLight Saber14020010
Stefan RychlowskiRichmond Church Window13002102
Andy ChardThorpe Park Loop9100001
Michael GoldingWillow the Wisp9000211
Trevor WillisArundel Castle6000022
David ThwaiteSitting Pretty5000021
Lucie GoldingBalancing Act2000010
Steve LawrenceHeron1000001
Andy ChardThorpe Park Sunset1000001
Stefan RychlowskiRampster Garden Mushroom0000000

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