RBC Results 2018/2019 - laleham cameraclub

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy: 2018/2019

Alan McGee29202110
Stephen Lawrence23111110
David Thwaite16200000
Monica Chard13011100
Julia Mustard9010100
Ron Duddy8010010
Paul Chisholm7010001
Keith Lowndes5001001
Stefan Rychlowski5000110
Felix Jaeger2000010
Urszula Adamczuk-Madden2000002
Mike Curtis1000001
Richard Gudge0000000
Clair Rosling0000000
Andy Ringshaw0000000
Alan Nash0000000
Trevor Lewis0000000
Alan Marlow0000000
Tim O'Dowd0000000
Martin Bone0000000
Don Cooper0000000

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 18/19: Round 1

David ThwaiteRing-tailed Lemur57350011
Paul ChisholmDandie Dinmonts42321002
Stephen LawrenceLook It's A Man40124101
Alan McGeeFreedom38213101
Stefan RychlowskiStained Glass Window30210121
Keith LowndesThe Black Rock25110221
Trevor LewisWhite Peacock23200201
Paul ChisholmSunset Over Bushy22013101
Alan MarlowSquirrel15100031
Martin BoneAll Alone14110000
David ThwaiteRoyal Salute13002110
Andy RingshawScratching Seal12010200
Martin BoneReflections12002101
Andy RingshawNeopolitan Cornwall12000311
Stephen LawrenceSparkling Bridge11001120
Alan McGeeTeam Work10010101
Stefan RychlowskiIt's All Balls10010020
Julia MustardStreet View9100001
Trevor LewisAnd A Packet of Crisps8001012
Richard GudgeCustom Paint Job2000010
Richard GudgeFlowers2000010
Alan MarlowEly Cathedral1000001
Julia MustardWaterbus Station0000000

Round 1 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2018/19

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 18/19: Round 2

Alan McGeeBug Eyed60340230
Julia MustardPress Pause45321102
Monica ChardReflecting On Art32220012
Stephen LawrenceGrey Day29121110
Ron DuddyOil On Water26101410
Paul ChisholmRoses21111100
Martin BoneMidnight Snack21111011
Alan McGeeLake House20110111
Tim O'DowdHighlife Rio - Helicopter19110021
David ThwaiteMercury19012102
Stefan RychlowskiA Pair of Zebras17110100
Julia MustardLondon Girl17102001
Ron DuddyThree Apples16002121
Stefan RychlowskiThe Red Arrows14002022
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenFlamingos11002100
Martin BoneYe Olde Pump9010100
Richard GudgeJesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam8100000
Stephen LawrenceMountain Lion8001020
Richard GudgeSitting in The Rain6000111
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenCairn5001001
David ThwaiteLittle Deuce Coupe5000102
Tim O'DowdEvening Reflection - Swan0000000
Monica ChardArt Imitating Nature0000000
Paul ChisholmHampton Court Bridge0000000

Round 2 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2018/19

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 18/19: Round 3

Alan McGeePhoto Bomb71523112
Stephen LawrenceHover Fly43131312
Alan McGeeFlying Ant36122121
Stefan RychlowskiGone Ape33122110
Stephen LawrenceBushy32113022
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenBikes31310001
Ron DuddySmoke Bush24120012
David ThwaiteBe A Tree24111111
Stefan RychlowskiOxford Town20200012
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenGraffiti17003110
David ThwaiteFamily Resemblance16001400
Monica ChardEwe Horny10010020
Ron DuddyPaper Sculpture10001111
Richard GudgeBlack Berrys9010100
Tim O'DowdAndean Flight9010011
Keith Lowndes4 Wally's in a boat9000211
Richard GudgeMisty Coot8100000
Alan NashIs It Bushy Park3000100
Martin BoneBushy Bridge2000010
Martin BoneHaving a Rest1000001
Alan NashFeel Like A Real Dummy0000000
Monica ChardTotally Vintage0000000
Tim O'DowdMoggy in Bushy Park0000000

Round 3 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2018/19

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 18/19: Round 4

David ThwaiteA Storm Comin'53410411
Monica ChardWhere is Everyone ?46411101
Alan McGeeHang on Tight42132210
Julia MustardMostly Harmless36213002
Felix JaegerBuilt To Last36210321
Mike CurtisStreet Light33202122
Stefan RychlowskiVintage Age30121103
Ron DuddySunlight Through Blinds23101221
Julia MustardForty Two - 4222021030
Andy RingshawBang21120001
Ron DuddyGrass20021012
Stephen LawrenceLiftoff14012000
Alan McGeeTunnel of Light11010110
Stephen LawrenceTouchdown10002010
David ThwaiteStowe Bridge10000220
Monica ChardGo On, I Dare You9010011
Stefan RychlowskiChick with Parents9001110
Mike CurtisStationed Here5001001
Andy RingshawBlickley Hall2000002
Martin BoneWho's Looking At Me0000000
Martin BoneWaiting for A Bite0000000
Richard GudgeRed Flowers0000000
Richard GudgeHotel0000000
Felix JaegerLight Train0000000

Round 4 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2018/19

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 18/19: Round 5

Stephen LawrenceLow Flying Over The Lake74541111
Ron DuddyEggs and Spoon56226101
Keith LowndesWet Cobbles52132422
Monica ChardDespair or Hope?46410202
Alan McGeeHiding The Bill41230031
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenCloudy Water37311011
Alan McGeeNot Another Macro33023122
Stefan RychlowskiSteam Train24102113
Don CooperParty Girls22110202
Urszula Adamczuk-MaddenFerryman22011141
Don CooperBreakfast at Tiffany's20101210
Julia MustardWe're Actors - We're The Opposite of People14101010
Stefan RychlowskiJaguar14001131
Monica ChardGhost at Hampton Court13020001
David ThwaiteCogs13001211
Ron DuddyCardoon12100101
Clair RoslingFrosty Morning12010111
Martin BoneRoofless11100100
Stephen LawrenceAliens in the Water10010101
Andy RingshawComing Home10001111
Andy RingshawTerror Fabulous6010000
Julia MustardAll The World's A Stage, And All The Men And Women6001010
David ThwaiteJack4001000
Richard GudgeLast Chair on the Left Move It!0000000
Richard GudgeWho's A Naughty Boy0000000
Felix JaegerPeak0000000
Felix JaegerWindow0000000
Martin BoneTaking A Dip0000000
Clair RoslingI See You0000000
Mike CurtisCamera Action0000000
Mike CurtisBoat Wreck0000000

Round 5 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2018/19

Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 18/19: Round 6

Richard GudgeHeron Reflection0000000
Richard GudgeKew Waterfall0000000
Stephen LawrenceBreakfast0000000
Stephen LawrenceSweeney Todd0000000

Round 6 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2018/19

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